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Spun Aluminum Flagpoles

American-made Architectural, Elite and Courtyard Series
We Set Industry Standards for Quality and Strength!

Flagpole Series | Custom Designs | Finishes

For over 60 years development has focused on the skills and knowledge necessary to offer the correct pole for every installation. Design experience ranges from recommendations for halyard configurations to working knowledge of materials, processes and special installations.

Appearance has little meaning if the flagpole doesn't meet wind and vibration criteria for each job. Available engineering and manufacturing resources represent world leadership in tapered tubing design for virtually any application.

Total tapered shaft capability. Aluminum, bronze, or stainless steel tubing is spun, tapered and finished in one seamless process.

Customer Service:
Keeping an open line of communication on your inquiry from quotation, to order entry and delivery, we will make every effort to be certain this important component is delivered on time and to your specifications.

Architectural Series:
Architectural Series Flagpoles are engineered to be used in most locations worldwide.
External Halyard Flagpoles External Halyard Flagpoles
External Halyard Flagpoles External Halyard Flagpoles

Internal Halyard Flagpoles Internal Halyard Flagpoles
Internal Halyard Flagpoles Internal Halyard Flagpoles
Bronze & Stainless Steel Flagpoles Outrigger Flagpoles Vertical Wall Mout Flagpoles
Bronze & Stainless Steel Flagpoles Outrigger Flagpoles Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles


Courtyard Series Flagpoles Elite Series Flagpoles
Courtyard Series:
Courtyard Series are ideally suited for private residences, residential communities, apartment and/or condominium complexes, and small business applications.
Elite Series:
Elite Series of Flagpoles meet the same quality standards as our Architectural Series and, based on wind speed and flag requirements, commercial property applications

Custom Designs:
Manufacturers, with unsurpassed experience and engineering capability, have long been recognized as the leader in flagpole manufacturing and innovative design, developing a wide variety of custom poles, towers and spires with finishes and accessories to accent any special project.
Custom Flagpoles Custom Flagpoles Custom Flagpoles


Standard Finishes:

  1. Aluminum: Satin Aluminum achieved by rotary sanding.
  2. Stainless Steel: Directionally satin ground.
  3. Bronze: Directional satin ground, with optional bronze statuary.


Optional Finishes:

  1. Thermoset Powder Paint: standard colors are dark bronze, black, white, light gray and dark green. Special colors are virtually unlimited, supplied as specified.
  2. Guaranteed Color Uniformity: The outdoor life of our standard thermoset powder coating (1.5 mil TGIC polyester thermoset powders) is rated at 15-plus years by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers Metal Finishes Manual.


Anodized Finish:
Limited to clear, black and various shades of bronze.

If you have a unique pole requirement, or have a question about a pole design possibility, let us assist you. You'll benefit from over 60 years of quality craftsmanship.

More items, designs, styles and materials are available. For more information on these and other items, quotations, finishes or simply to discuss your application, email us or phone/fax us at 440-835-0222. Call Toll-Free 877-281-8485.

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