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Stock & Custom Banners
Select your colors using this PANTONE color chart.

Show Your Community Spirit. Christmas & Custom Banners Plus Banner Hardware Create your own design or customize one of our stock banners for any occasion.

Downtown | Retail | Event | Patriotic

Spring | Summer | Fall | Winter | Christmas Banners

We specialize in both custom and stock banners. Mix and match fabric and ink colors on our stock designs or customize them with your own message or logo. We can also print custom designs from your artwork. Don't see exactly what you are looking for? Need some help? We will gladly help you develop your own original art for a special one-of-a-kind banner. We have helped hundreds of cities, parks, hospitals, churches, shopping centers, etc. celebrate their special occasions with banners and banner hardware.

The following standard banner designs are printed on 13 oz. Vinyl. Blockout vinyl is thicker and is useful when a light background is used, to prevent "shadowing" — the effect of the sun projecting a shadow of the design on the opposite side of the banner. All banners shown here are printed on both sides, have hems on top and bottom and brass grommets for securing to poles. Standard sizes are
30" x 60"   30" x 72"   30" x 84"   30" x 96"

Minimum order total is 5 banners.
Other sizes may be available based on size of design.

Additional fabrics that may be used:
  600 denier Dacron
  250 denier Dacron
  200 denier Nylon

All our fabrics are mildew, moisture and UV resistant. Protect your investment by taking them down and washing them lightly with a dilute mild soap and soft brush or sponge while laying banner flat. If you plan to store them dry thoroughly, roll loosely and keep in a cool, dark room.

Downtown Banners: (custom banners available)
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Retail: (custom banners available)
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Event: (custom banners available)
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Patriotic Banners: (custom banners available)
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Spring: (custom banners available)
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Summer Banners: (custom banners available)
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Fall: (custom banners available)
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Winter: (custom banners available)
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Christmas Banners: (custom banners available)

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You can usually bolt directly into wooden utility poles – get utility approval first. In windy areas it is best to use a flexible bracket set, such as with fiberglass mounting poles or springs, like ours. These types will flex with wind loads and return to original position. Mount banners so they are taught, starting with the top hem first. For extra security most banners are provided with corner grommets through which you can cable them to the poles.



This shows how the bending of steel poles allows slack in the banners. They will wear much faster as a result of movement.

Banner Saver Pro 2000

Premium Bracket Systems

Premium Street Pole Banner Systems. These two types
are very forgiving. Spring-loaded,
they flex with the wind and preserve your investment.

Fiberglass Rods for extra flexibility

Boulevard Bracket System
Black Aluminum

Economy Bracket Systems

Standard system designed to withstand the elements.
The base is made from rust free aluminum with fiberglass arms.The base will fit square, round or multi-sided utility poles and is engineered to keep the banner tight. The fibereglass arms will flex in strong winds, tranferring
some of the wind load of the banners.

Fiberglass Rods for extra flexibility

Bright Aluminum

All our banner bracket systems can be used for one or two banners per pole. They come with mounting rods cut to the length you need, aluminum brackets, rod locking pins, nylon cable ties and proper banding. A banding tool is required to install them.


More items, designs, styles and materials are available. For more information on these and other items, quotations, finishes or simply to discuss your application, email us or phone/fax us at 440-835-0222. Call Toll-Free 877-281-8485.
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