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Building and Pedestrian Area Protection Systems

ADA Compliant

  Recycled Content
Concrete and Cast Iron are excellent materials for use in vehicle deterrence. The concrete planters can be partially filled with additional concrete, fitted with reinforcing pipe and lifting loops, then stacked. The top levels will be left for decorative plantings. Fiberglass-reinforced planters can be dealt with the same way. The end result being very decorative and yet functional.

Bell Bollards are typically imbedded into pavement as shown, with the decorative part of the casting beginning at ground level. They can be made from Cast Grey Iron or Ductile Iron and weigh about 300 #. They can be lifted into place with their top loops.

Even some of our standard bollards can be fitted with pipe for an even greater degree of strength where needed!
Bell Bollards can be used where commercial truck routes come through town squares, threatening light poles, clocks, pedestrians and pavers. Their decorative nature lends their use to harbors, docks, boardwalks and historic areas as well.

Building corners can be protected also, using our 3/4 Bell Board Delivery trucks and cars will bounce off or avoid them altogether, protecting corners of buildings. This decorative touch will also add a heritage look and feel to an area.

Placement Issues
  1. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow patterns.
  2. Radius of corner if Bell Bollards are to be used - tire marks over curb?
  3. Footprint dimensions of Bell Bollard or planter - keep away from pedestrians.
  4. Distance from curb to install - allow for opening of vehicle doors.
  5. Height needed to sufficiently protect.
  6. Underground structures or pipes in the way of footers?
  7. Protect area while concrete footers cure completely.

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